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Welcome to a Communications Renaissance.
In the midst of a digital revolution where the keyboard seems to be the primary interface in communication, there is still no substitute for the emotional connection a human voice offers. Enter TeleForum™ technology. It’s a powerful communications tool that allows you to talk one-on-one with the people that matter to you the most.
TeleForum™ technology provides unique opportunities to elicit audience feedback, inspire loyalty, communicate an idea, raise support and much more. So whether you want to talk to 200 people, 3 million or somewhere in between, Broadnet will help you become an indisputable partner in the conversation.
TeleForum™ events by Broadnet®, the most powerful and most popular telephone town hall product in the world!
The Overview.
Conducting a TeleForum™ event is as simple as making a phone call. All you need to know is what you want to say and the people you want to say it to.  Broadnet helps you do the rest.  Here’s a quick outline of how it works:
  1. Establish the goals of your Broadnet TeleForum™ event. We will help you decide how to leverage our technology to achieve these objectives.
  2. Gather your list of names and phone numbers.
  3. Assemble your team for the TeleForum event. We recommend you have a moderator, host and three screeners. Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through every step and offer whatever help you may need.
  4. We upload your target audience’s phone numbers to your Broadnet account. It’s as simple as pressing a button.
  5. Next, be sure your team is dialed in and ready to go. Then, let your dedicated Broadnet Event Specialist know it’s time to launch the call.
  6. Phones will start ringing and people answering will be welcomed by your customized, pre-recorded audio invitation encouraging them to stay on the phone to participate in the live discussion.
  7. During your TeleForum™ event, invite participants to ask questions, respond to polls, leave a voicemail and more. You can see what’s happening – as it happens – through an intuitive web-based interface on your computer.
  8. Immediately following the call, you can download comprehensive reports, an audio file of your entire event and participant voice mails. We’ll even help you decide how to take action on the detailed information from your TeleForum™ conference call.
Standard TeleForum™ Features.
Add to the effectiveness of your TeleForum™ event by using one, or all, of these standard features:
  • Q&A: Participants interested in asking a question are first pre-screened, then they’re put into a Question & Answer queue. If their question is selected, they will ask it live during the call. Participants are also free to re-enter the queue multiple times to ask multiple live questions during the TeleForum™ call. All questions are captured in reporting.
  • Polling: Polls can be planned in advance or on-the-fly. They are used to capture audience data such as buying behaviors, perspectives and interests and to increase participation duration during the TeleForum.
  • Reporting: Available immediately following each TeleForum™ call and includes at-a-glance results and per-participant details.
  • Voice Mails: At the end of the call, you can request that participants respond to certain questions or provide feedback via voice mail.
Why TeleForum™?
A Broadnet TeleForum™ call is an event; it is an invitation to be engaged and a chance to be heard. With one call, organizations hosting a Broadnet event invite people to be part of a real conversation and a shared live experience – instantly connecting members, constituents, advocates and friends seeking information and engagement. We get people talking, and we get results.
  • We generate the audience. Everyone on your list gets a personal call connecting them instantly to the conversation.  Whether you want to reach 200 people or 3 million, all they have to do is answer the phone – we take it from there.
  • We build relationships right from the beginning.  The first voice your supporters will hear is a familiar one; personalized greetings from the host let participants know they matter and their voice counts.
  • We create opportunities for education, engagement – and action. In today’s world, people want more than to just receive information – they want to shape it.  Our platform allows for customized levels of interaction so participants feel connected, engaged and empowered.
  • We enhance other forms of communication.  The world is multi-dimensional and so are we.  Broadnet leverages Facebook, Twitter, UStream and other technologies to meet people where they are, and bring them together for a real conversation.
  • We foster connections that matter. People want their opinions to count.  Broadnet makes that happen – we create personal connections on a massive scale, with the technology infrastructure to maintain and grow them over time.
  • We get more bang for the buck.  The cost to host a Broadnet event averages 27 to 41 cents per contact.  Compared to direct mail and other member development strategies, a Broadnet TeleForum™ generates higher value for lower cost – and with less up-front investment of time.
  • We provide value that lasts.  The call is just the beginning.  Broadnet captures detailed participant information and instantly provides meaningful data and analysis to help clients maintain and expand the enthusiasm generated by the call.
The bottom line? You’ll have unique insight into your audience… what they’re thinking, saying and feeling. It’s information you can’t get anywhere else. And perhaps most importantly, you are strengthening your relationship by sharing ideas and creating a conversation. TeleForum™ technology by Broadnet- the most powerful and most widely used telephone town hall product on Earth!
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